Welding and General Machine Shop

We operate MIG, TIG and robotic arm welding.

Our robotic welding area can be configured with jigs and fixtures to enable very efficient, simultaneous welding and component loading.

Hyundai HR006 High Speed Robotic Welding Machine, 2000 x 1000mm
HiSpot 1000 Fixed Table System

The HiSpot 1000 systems are based on two operator load stations with static tables.

We offer MFDC welding as the standard option due to its superior weld performan and Servo gun control with its faster operation and accurate pressure control.

Special Features
  • Twin static tables or twin servo head and tail stocks.
  • Modular guarding systems allow for easy custom solutions with mesh or solid panel option.
  • Choice of welding systems from WTC, Nadex or Bosch.
  • Automatic Gun change options.
  • MFDC as standard (AC option available).
  • Automatic tip dressing station included.
  • Pneumatic or servo weld guns.
  • Control options. robot control or PLC with HMI.

picture of our bauromat robotic welding arm


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